The Fantastic Future of Network Marketing Pre-Launch Offer



Ed's new The Fantastic Future of Network Marketing book is the follow up to his million-selling book. Thisbook cover book explains the 'Missing Link' that will transform this industry forever and create the next global boom. 

The book is published in one month yet Ed is doing a small pre-launch print run so there are a few copies available. This is a limited offer at $10 per book plus P&P.


The book has three parts:

Part 1. 'The Special One'.

In the first part of the book, Ed explain why Network Marketing is 'Special'. Over the past few years, it has proven that it has the unique income opportunity for the masses of society. It has proven that its business solves problems and that there are powerful forces driving this industry forward in the future. The last chapter of Part One states that this industry is not achieving its full potential and some people are negative and the cause of this has now been solved. 


Part 2. 'The Missing Link.'

In this Part of the book, Ed explains the new development that allows the Network Marketing business to unleash its full potential.  And how this creates the Second Global Growth Boom of Network MArekting and a unique opportunity for everyone to transform their life. 


Part 3. 'The Impact.'

The last part of the book is explains the incredible impact of the 2nd Global Boom. How it will change the industry forever. Ed explains The 10x success rate, the Exponential boom, The death of Pyramid Selling slur, The $1trillion market, the 2billion Empowered, the Hamburger University and Nokia's secret. Find what will happen to the industry globally. 

The purpose of this book is to educate to inspire confidence and create action so the book finishes with 'The Challenge' where the reader is challenged to prove Ed wrong OR take this opportunity seriously!


If you want this book, you need to order it quickly as this offer will sell out in days, if not hours. After the printing we will send it to you. OR you can wait until another printing is done in a month.

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